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The Roger Wentworth Group, Inc. | Beavercreek and Cincinnati, OH

Working at Sandler

We need highly qualified people who are passionate about what they do.

What You Want:

  • You want to be highly compensated for your results earning 100K to 200K annually
  • You want the formula given to you and you’ll do the rest, no micro-management
  • You want to grow and get better and you welcome coaching and mentoring
  • You want to be your own boss and control your career
  • You want the freedom to be at your kid's events
  • You want to live a great life and have an abundance mentality

What You'll Do:

  • You’ll show people how to improve their sales
  • You’ll sell to business owners and presidents
  • You’ll train and coach your clients to sell and manage their salespeople

Your Experience:

  • You have years of selling to business owners and company presidents
  • You believe in the effectiveness of a selling system
  • You’re successful and you can prove it with numbers that show you’re a top performer 

What We Offer:

  • A process for developing clients
  • A proven selling system
  • Flexible compensation plans
  • Commissions on long term contracts
  • Medical insurance, 401K
  • Training, coaching and mentoring, not micro-managing
  • No layoffs, transfers, new bosses, or capped income
  • A product that is not impacted by the economy, politics or anything else
  • No changes in commission rates, territories, or anything else that takes away from the business you’ve built
  • A great environment to work in. Our culture is about growth and success in career, money, health, family, friends, etc. We work hard and have great lives. We create our success and make no excuses.

Who We Are:

We’re Sandler Training, The Roger Wentworth Group. We’re one of 200+ offices in the world and our office is one of the most successful.

  • There is a great need for sales and sales management training in small businesses. Very few have a selling system in place and fewer yet have professional management of sales.
  • The market is large with our clients being anyone from an individual salesperson to billion dollar companies.